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About Travis Atwater
Travis Atwater is a designated Master electrician and spiritual and energy healer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 
He began his career as an energy professional after growing up outside of Ottawa,Ontario as an avid outdoor enthusiast, passionate mountain climber, custom off-road vehicle builder, and entrepreneur.
Throughout his 20's Travis started noticing that his health was transparently declining. Over the course of several years of actively engaging professional help, he began to discover how traumatic events from his past had easily altered states within his  body causing noticeable health issues within himself such as daily bouts of vertigo, struggles with depression, crippling anxiety and panic attacks, splitting headaches, concentration problems,  and digestive issues. 
Because of that, since 2014, Travis has dedicated himself to applying his years of experience working with energy, his personal healing journey through trauma, his passion for quantum physics and his ongoing training at The 8th Fire School Of Shamanism led by Algonquin Medicine Man Pete Bernard to understanding the effects of harmful and traumatic energy in the human body.
He is the founder of Healed Warrior Consulting, a health and wellness business aimed at providing the resources and support for individuals to thrive in all areas of their lives through a multi-level perspective. His focus includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development/care of the human body and its energetic environment for success and well being.
Now, you will usually find him travelling to his next outdoor adventure in the capital city region, climbing mountains, hiking trails, exploring the fresh water lakes of the area, contributing his knowledge for building strong communities and appreciating all that is.
You can reach him at https://thehealedwarrior.com,
Or on facebook by searching @healedwarriorconsulting

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