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The Way Of Trauma
Written by Travis Atwater on July 17, 2019
What does trauma mean to you? How do you define it?
When we think of trauma, we often think of the “hollywood” moments, car accidents, natural disasters, sexual or physical abuse, war - events that tend to profoundly stand out and create an emotionally charged divide in a person’s life.
What we most often overlook are the various forms of complex trauma, the more subtle, slow-burning incidents that affect people just as intimately. 
Complex trauma can be difficult to describe and recall. Often you will hear people describe these types of events as fragmented snapshots from childhood, they may also have general feelings of distrust or even detachment. 
The one thing that I am absolutely certain of is that complex trauma is not always about what did happen, the things that did not happen are equally as challenging and can be just as damaging.
Did the sexually abused child have someone to support them when they reached out for help or were they told to just “get over it”?
Over the years of my personal and professional experience with trauma I have come to understand that the various forms of trauma are far more complex and often multi-generational than most people might realize.
Were your parents emotionally, mentally or physically abusive?
Were you raised in a safe and supportive environment that encouraged your various forms of expression?
What kind of experiences did you have that stand out the most and how were you impacted by them?
What kind of noticeable patterns exist among family members from different generations?
Trauma is something that appears to be manifested subjectively depending upon the connections each person forms and the impact the event has inside the physiological and neurological structures of the human body. It affects a person’s mind, body and spirit in often very personal ways.
It’s a reason why 2 people can go through the exact same “traumatic” experience and each walk away with completely different outcomes. 
                                                                   .      .      .
             “Give me the boy for the first 7 years and I will show you the man”.
                                                                                                                        - Jesuit Maxim
Ancient cultures around the world seemed to pick up on something truly incredible, they noticed exactly just how critical the first 7 years of life are for people. 
During this time we are forming the structural foundations of how we perceive and operate in this world, everything is being imprinted upon us at an alarmingly accelerated rate. 
It is no wonder then that the experiences we learn throughout our youth are what we project in our everyday lives as we become adults. These projections lead us into the re-enactment of those patterns and the cycle continues so to speak.
Though the people and places may be different, the emotional content is always the same.
The identities we absorbed, the emotional patterns, the physical patterns, the mental patterns...we become that which we were exposed to. 

Take a look at your life from a neutral point of view and start looking for the patterns that you play out, do you notice anything?
Things start to get kinda creepy the moment you realize you are essentially married to your mother or father...their characteristics that is.
Buried deep within your subconscious mind are all of the structural patterns you absorbed in your youth. As a healer, my job is to work with you through all of your unhealthy subconscious patterns and teach you how to change them.

By learning to meet your deepest emotional wounds with awareness and compassion we are able to begin the process of dissolving the emotional pain and releasing whatever emotional charge may be associated with it.


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Travis Atwater

Travis Atwater specializes in healing soul level injuries incurred from traumatic events. He guides his clients through the process of re-uniting the shattered fragments of their soul and freeing them from bearing the extremities of extensive moral weight.
If you're interested in regaining a sense of stability and making peace with your past then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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